Purchase hydraulic brake type and hydraulic pendulum type shear need to pay attention to matters

When it comes to the shearing machine, we will know that the hydraulic shearing machine has brake shearing machine and pendulum shearing machine, how to choose? Below I will say that the hydraulic brake shear and hydraulic pendulum shear how to choose?

Purchase hydraulic brake type and hydraulic pendulum type shear need to pay attention to matters

CNC shearing machine from the working principle of the brake type shearing machine and pendulum shearing machine. In addition to the different working principles of the brake shear and pendulum shear, from the actual processing and use of links, there are the following differences:

1. The precision of the brake shear machine can be higher (shear machine precision, also known as shear plate straightness), up to 2 times of the pendulum shear machine;

2. The shear Angle of brake shears can be adjusted according to different plates, while the shear Angle of pendulum shears is fixed;

3. The blade of the brake shear machine has 4 blade faces, while the brake shear machine only has 2 blade faces. In the process of use, the blade surface can be changed, the gate machine blade surface more, longer service life;

4. The use range of the brake plate shear machine is wider, applicable to most range of metal plate shear plate processing, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other metal plate material can be processed;

5 brake shear machine production cost is higher, shear machine price is more expensive, from the perspective of cost saving, if the accuracy of the shear plate requirements are very low, and the thickness of the shear plate is relatively thin (under 8mm plate) can choose to buy pendulum shear machine

6. More than 8mm plate processing, must choose the gate shear machine, because the pendulum shear machine principle limit it can not shear thick plate.

First of all, according to their own demand parameters, determine the purchase of CNC shear machine specifications parameters, but also to take into account the need to expand the size of the enterprise after a certain margin to determine the parameters of the machine. For the shear material thickness requirements range, slitting machine in slitting size, machine model parameters determined, you can contact the manufacturer to give the machine.

Again is in the choice of manufacturers, now do CNC shear machine and more, here the author reminds everyone is different manufacturers production model is a lot of different, in this aspect to pay special attention to, choose the right use of their own is the best.

To shop around, get different shear machine manufacturers machine price, parameters, payment and delivery methods, after the general method is to take out the high price and the lowest price manufacturers, so that we can find the highest cost-effective manufacturers. Finally remind everyone a point is the enterprise as far as possible to choose local shear machine production enterprises, so in the future after-sales service above can bring great convenience. Choose service this also should take into full consideration the purchase factor among go.

Post time: Apr-17-2019